1928 Jewelry Lingo

How well do you know your jewelry?  In addition to all the cuts that engagement rings come in (e.g., princess cut, marquise cut, emerald cut, etc), there are so many other jewelry terms out there,  it’s hard to keep track! Maybe you’ve seen some words in our earrings, necklaces or bracelets descriptions but wasn’t really sure what it was or how to pronounce it. Today I’m going to dispel some of that mystery for you. And after you’re done reading, you can impress some girlfriends with what you know. icon smile1928 Jewelry Lingo

A Brief on 1928 Jewelry Lingo

  • Briolette: It’s a pear-shaped stone that is multifaceted all around. If there are no facets with just a smooth surface, we would just call it briolette-shaped or pear-shaped. (Faceting is the art of cutting and polishing fine gems.)

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  • Marquise cut: It’s pronounced “mar-KEYS” and is the shape of our eyes—tapered on both ends. A marquise-cut stone is faceted, but here we might describe any jewelry with the shape as marquise-cut. The name is from Marquise de Pompadour, Mistress of King Louis XV. It can also be called “Navette cut.”

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  • Cabochon:  I just did a post on cabochon jewelry a couple months ago, if you recall. It has a French pronunciation (“ka-bo-shon”) and is a smooth, ladybug-like polished stone with a circular or oval dome shape.

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  • Filigree: It’s defined as a very delicate lace-like ornamental design on jewelry. The look is achieved by intertwined wiring of gold, bronze, silver, copper or jet.

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  • Cameo: It’s a carving on a shell or stone with a raised design, usually a female’s profile and is in a different color from the background. Cameo jewelry was the IN fashion trend  in the Victorian era!

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  • Enameling: Many of our jewelry is hand enameled. Enameling is artistic painting using a glassy, opaque substance fused to the surface of the metal. Check out the cute flower charms necklace  below as an example. Isn’t it adorable?

46382 300x3001928 Jewelry Lingo

  • Pavè: Pronounced “pah-vay,” jewelry with pavè means that stones are close together and there’s barely any metal or space showing in between. Pavè jewelry is perfect for all you brides or future brides out there! Gives off a show-stopping sparkle.

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The beautiful array of crystal color names we use in our jewelry:

Swarovski Crystals Color Chart copy11928 Jewelry Lingo

That’s all for now icon smile1928 Jewelry Lingo

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