New Directions, Inspiration & Magazine Cover Worthy Vintage Glam

We’ve been silent but that’s because we’ve been coming up with things to tickle your fancy and take that craving for vintage jewelry to a whole new level.

So what have we’ve been up to? Well, if you TWITTERstalk us at all, Jen -  @1928Jewelry / Macala – @Macala, you know that we’ve been buzzing about a certain mysterious, exciting photo and video shoot. Well Monday, it went down – We did it.

Girls – What Did You Do?

What happens when you mix 10 crew members + 2 beautiful models + 1 marketing director + the hottest tech publicity correspondent in Los Angeles with passion, five gallons of coffee and a 12 hour day?  You start to redefine a brand.

New Directions – Vintage Inspiration

img 0611 300x240New Directions, Inspiration & Magazine Cover Worthy Vintage Glam

Our spring collections are simply amazing and beautiful. They are more inspiring than ever; possessing the vintage romance typically found in 1928 lines, but the designers have added new whimsical embellishments to certain pieces and dramatic contrasts to others.  “Expect the unexpected” is all you can say to someone as each of the new lines launch over spring.

Don’t worry, we will still maintain the vintage 1928 Jewelry style – we would never compromise that!

Fresh Perspectives

hannah1928 300x240New Directions, Inspiration & Magazine Cover Worthy Vintage Glam

When we planned this, I knew we had to work outside our traditional box. So I called in Inez Lewis, one of the West coast’s most talented photographers. We worked hard and were barely able to breathe at times. Just as we thought we were able to drop from exhaustion we would get another wave of inspiration, and that inspiration pushed us through – another outfit, 30 minutes of big hair, big eyes, six bracelets, one necklace and a pair of earrings – to get the next shot or sequence.

New Concepts – Jewelry

img 0415 240x300New Directions, Inspiration & Magazine Cover Worthy Vintage Glam

Most of the photo and video shoots I’ve done in the past have been well scripted out and developed. I am a stickler for detail and leave little room for snafus and surprises. But this one I left open – we needed a fluid, flexible set. Spontaneity needed to be able to take the wheel and drive this – someone had to be able to say, “Oh my gosh! That that! Take it and run with it!” And what did that bring? We were able to test new jewelry concepts and products. The piece featured above is one of those things, not characteristic of 1928 or 2028, but something new and different. It is something  I put in the vein of “dark couture” and wanted it to have a harsher edge. The piece by itself does that, but when added to the vintage inspired Black Halo Satin Lace Dress from Lindsay Lou, it’s soft and sophisticated. Who would have known until we did it?

Excitement In The Air

There’s excitement in the air, and it’s not the holiday season. There are new faces, new happenings and all kinds of new things coming. Myself – Macala – and everyone at are excited to introduce, or reintroduce, you to our jewelry and our modern take on vintage style.

macalamed 276x300New Directions, Inspiration & Magazine Cover Worthy Vintage Glam

My Best,

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The pics look amazing and the new blog design is very vintage! Nice job jewelry gal! I am glad to hear and see the clothing from worked well and look forward to even more amazing Inez Lewis’s photos.