2013 Color of the Year

fashioncolors20132013 Color of the Year

How will YOU be incorporating the color of the year? For as long as I can remember, green was, is and has always been my favorite color–and I doubt that will ever change! But depending on the month, my favorite shade would differ. Mint green if I needed something fresh and fun; olive green for times I needed balance and neutrality; neon green if I was feeling adventurous and ambitious. Well, if you didn’t already know, EMERALD is the color of the year and that just happens to be the color I’m presently addicted to! Lush, verdant and royal, I predict this year to be just that. 1928.com has loads of emerald city green, so come and take a look! I’m especially loving the Dionysus Opera Length Necklace below and the Floral Stretch Ring that I’m sure you’re falling in love with too… Have a great weekend!

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