August Appropriate: Going Mad for Peridot Jewelry

21843August Appropriate: Going Mad for Peridot Jewelry
Glass Beaded Peridot Green Drop Earrings

If you’re reading the title of this post, some of you might be uttering this lime green crystal as ‘pair-a-dot’ or ‘pair-a-doe’. But just to clear up some confusion, I thought you might like to know that it can be pronounced either way!

August is the prime time of summer and lime green makes it a perfect match, especially if this month is your birthday. It’s a fresh color and brings to mind a verdant field of grass for outdoor movies, mojitos and iced limeade to quench your thirst. Best of all it can add a fine pop of color (and interest) to an otherwise so-so outfit. The lovely earrings above and below are made with hand-cut glass beads that sparkle with every move because of its multi-cut facets. How would you pair yours?

Find your favorite peridot jewelry style here, and get 25% off until 8/9 with code: peridot25

Happy 1st Day of August!

c500x504August Appropriate: Going Mad for Peridot Jewelry


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Rob says:

My wife and I both own Vintage jewelry shops and I’ve heard her say it 9 million times–GREEN IS IN THIS YEAR! Guess you have reinforced this, and with beautiful items as well. Thanks for the post, and reinforcing my wife’s insight.