Bridal Fashion Tips: Wedding Accessories 101

[Guest post by Kaitlin Pollard]

The right jewelry has the power to transform an outfit from plain to extraordinary. When walking down the aisle on the big day, a bride without accessories would seem… incomplete. Jewels have the ability to convey a theme, direct people’s gaze, express personality and add a finished sparkle to the look. When you’re selecting your bridal jewelry, there are a few tips to bear in mind!


  • Jewelry should be used to balance your look. If you’re gown features intricate lace or beaded work,  wear an item that has a smooth, polished finish.

26236 300x300Bridal Fashion Tips: Wedding Accessories 10122156 300x300Bridal Fashion Tips: Wedding Accessories 101

  • Reversely, if your dress is made from smooth and simple silk, add some dynamic texture with detailed, intricate accessories.
silk dressBridal Fashion Tips: Wedding Accessories 101
{Dress: Photo Courtesy of David’s Bridal}

Theme & Color

Use the concept of ‘balance’ in relation to quantity. Trimmings and accessories will guide the eye towards whatever you want to accentuate, whether it is a cinched waist that is enhanced with a bow or sparkling earrings that highlight your smile. With too many pieces yelling “look at me, look at me” to your guests, your outfit can steal the spotlight away from you, the bride. Therefore, if your dress features ruffles, patterns or embellishments, don’t have your jewelry compete; if your attire is understated, feel free to shine with more decorative charms.  This way, you neither underwhelm nor overwhelm the viewer.

  • Don’t forget to choose the theme of your wedding prior to purchasing your jewelry, as well as the general color palette. If you are donning boldly colored jewelry, you don’t want your accessories to clash with your surroundings, bouquet or bridesmaids.
  • Make sure your jewelry’s metal complements your dress tint; if your dress has bluish undertones, silver, platinum and pearl is the way to go. However, if you’re wearing off-white, cream or warmer undertones, you’re best bet is gold. If you want to incorporate colored stones, pay attention to where the hue falls on the color wheel.

Dress Neckline

  • Let your dress’s neckline guide your necklace. If you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline or halter dress, a higher necklace with subtle curve will look stunning. Contrastingly, if your neckline is a dramatic “V” shape, have your necklace dangle further down; a pendant will perfectly harmonize with the triangular shape of the bodices top. High lacey collars and ornate trick-necklines are making quite an impact. (Check out the Gatsby Inspired dresses at David’s Bridal)–For this look, skip the necklace entirely and favor dazzling bracelets or decorative hair pieces.
  • The increasingly popular one-shouldered look in which the neckline runs diagonally high-to-low should not be accompanied by a necklace and, instead, will look spectacular when juxtaposed with striking, vertical drop earrings.
davids bridal dress 1 682x1024Bridal Fashion Tips: Wedding Accessories 101
{Photo Courtesy of David’s Bridal}

While your wedding jewelry should be absolutely special, it should also be pieces that you’ll want to wear over and over again for years to come. Therefore, pick quality pieces that you genuinely like and represent your personal style. So have don’t make any hasty decisions and, instead, have fun perusing the various lovely options at your fingertips!

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