Brooch-ing the Topic

32367 300x300Brooch ing the Topic 32363 300x300Brooch ing the Topic When you’ve got a sweater or peacoat on and you want to flaunt some jewelry, brooches are an easy way to make a fashion statement! Push away from the traditional wear and place brooches in groups,  on the side (like a belt without the strap),  on top of a one-shoulder dress, on shawls, scarves and hats…the options are endless!

They also make great holiday gifts (very soon approaching!) and we’ve got a lot of styles to choose from. Our chain sweater brooch is one of our new styles that came out recently and mimics a style Emma Pillsbury would wear. icon smileBrooch ing the Topic

polyvore broochesBrooch ing the Topic

How would you fashion these brooches?

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sweet says:

cute brooch…I love the chain one specifically…


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