Five Inspirational Women To Know in 2009

I’m always amazed by the women that wear our jewelry. The all possess this innate ability to take a piece and make it theirs and mold it to fit their own personal style.

I find myself saying, “WOW! How did you figure that out? I never in a million years would’ve thought to pair pair that earring with that necklace.” The women that wear 1928, 2028 or Antiquities Couture use their accessories to tell the story of who they are and what their personal style is.

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Melissa Pierce

Melissa Pierce is an amazing woman whom I had the distinct pleasure of accidentally living with at SXSW this year (in a posh, upscale hotel of course). Don’t call her a mommy blogger, she won’t identify with the term (she may just cut you). She is female documentary film maker making a movie called Life In Perpetual Beta. In the film, she poses the question of: Is A Planned Life Worth Living? She interviews some of the most brilliant minds in business today, including CEO Tony Hsieh, Social Marketing Guru & Author Seth Golden, Twitter Founder Evan Williams. Melissa prefers her 1928, shaken with extra “blingy hotness”.

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Shira Lazar

Recently nominated to the list of LA’s People To Watch in 2009 (via LA Weekly), Shira Lazar is a force to be reckoned with. Shira is known forΒ  for her media work on KTLA, NBC, CBS and the Reelz Channel. She saw the rise of the web early on, she embraced new media and has become “the human manifestation of the convergence of tech and entertainment” (Alexia Tsotsis). Shira, who just *happens* to be the stepsister of American Apparel’s Dov Charney, is causing quite commotion in Los Angeles with her avante garde reporting style. Best of all, she rocks Macy’s 2028 Jewelry with just about everything she wears – on camera and off.

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Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt gives the term business savvy female entrepreneur a whole new meaning. Author of the soon to be released book The Whuffie Factor: Using Social Networks To Build Your Business, Tara gives her audience (speaking, written or in pictures) a no nonsense explanations of how companies can use social media to build brand awareness, equity and customer loyalty online. She even has amazing PowerPoint presentations that you can download on SlideShare to help your company understand social media. 1928 Jewelry was proud to be her jewelry sponsor this year at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX.

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Stephanie Agresta

Stephanie Agresta is another marketing guru sans brilliant business woman who loves the Antiquities Couture & 2028 Jewelry lines. We love Stephanie’s business style; practical and holistic. She helps clients navigate through the complexities of online marketing with one-on-one consulting and develop plans that promote their products and services through social media. She’s the brains behind Microsoft TechSet events, the InternetGeekGirl blog and runs Affiliate Karma (which means she knows affiliate marketing like no one’s business).

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Alexia Tsotsis

Most people, unless you’re a Los Angeleno Tech Scene member, may not know the gorgeous, kind and incredibly talented Alexia Tsotsis. Alexia is the newest addition to the LA Weekly’s editorial staff (her work also appears in New York’s Village Voice). Alexia jumped at my radar at a Digital LA event, I finally cornered her at TwiistUp and got to know her. This petite, unassuming girl turned out to be a writing powerhouse. I was floored. I kept running into her in around Los Angeles and finally handed her 1928 Jewelry. I had to have our jewelry on someone that makes a room glow when she walks in. Alexia is just getting started but I expect to see great things from her. Hopefully we get a bit of credit for sparking her ascent up the media ladder.

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