Celebrity Inspired Jewelry!

It’s Friday and that can only mean two things: The weekend and FAB FIND FRIDAY! I’m attending a friend’s birthday bash this week and I’m stoked! For me, parties are all about the 3 F’s: Friends, Food and Fashion! What could be better than catching up with old friends and enjoying good food and drinks (let’s hope)? Also, parties give us an excuse to get all glammed up like some of our favorite celebs. This week’s find is on celebrity inspired jewelry featuring a beautiful bracelet–designer jewelry without the huge price!

fabfind21Celebrity Inspired Jewelry!

Bangle bracelets and cuffs are so in right now! It’s so easy to slip on a bracelet and completely revamp your look. They are tres chic and oh-so-easy to sport with any outfit. As fabulous as they are, I have one issue with bangles and cuffs and that has to do with size. Usually cuffs and bracelets are huge for my little wrist. Bangles are supposed to hang loosely on your wrist, not slip down to your knuckles and hang on for dear life. If you’re like me, someone with tiny wrists or someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy a big bulky bracelet, you’re in luck!

I was flipping through this month’s Instyle with Salma Hayek Pinault on the cover. Did you know that her husband is the chairman of PPR? That, readers, is the company that owns luxury fashion brands such as, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and other amazing fashion lines. I would die for a husband that came home every night with Gucci bags and Yves St. Laurent silk scarves. Anyway, I was flipping through the mag and I noticed they had done a piece on slender eye-catching bracelets. I thought to myself, the fashion gods have answered my prayers! They’ve made bracelets for people who have tiny wrists like me. I immediately fell in love with one particular diamond bracelet and thought to myself that I NEED to have this bracelet. This fantasy came to a screeching halt when I got a glimpse of the price. $7,430 dollars, yikes! The bracelet featured in the spread is 18k white gold with diamonds and it’s from jewelry designer Penny Preville. She makes beautiful pieces that can be found at Neiman Marcus. Celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Heidi Klum wear her pieces. It’s easy for someone like Heidi Klum to drop $7,000 on a bracelet but what about us? You know, the girls without the six figure salaries. I decided I was going to go on the hunt to find a similar piece that is still fab but with less 0’s!

67165Celebrity Inspired Jewelry!
1928 Art Deco Crystal Floral Motif Bracelet

I’m sure you guys know by now that 1928 has tons of pieces. Between the earrings and the necklaces, it’s hard to keep track. I have to admit that some pieces stand out more than the others and they become unforgettable. That’s the case with the Art Deco Crystal Floral Motif Bracelet. I love this bracelet! When I saw the Penny Preville bracelet I thought of our bracelet. They both have the round circular middle that sits on top of the wrist with adorned precious gems and more importantly, both have thin bands that can easily fit anybody’s wrist. The Preville design retails for $7,000 while our piece is only $24. Both bracelets ooze glamour, but our glamour fits in with everyone’s budget! Wear the bracelet in the daytime with jeans and blouse tops or in the evening with your cocktail dress. It’s versatile, timeless and great for any budget! Of course with our piece you don’t get the shiny diamonds but you get shiny crystals, and anything that sparkles is good enough for me!  icon winkCelebrity Inspired Jewelry!

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