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If you are daring and looking for some color, the Victorian Peacock Necklace is the piece for you.

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And for the vintage enthusiasts, the Vintage Couture Deco Necklace is absolutely magnificent, and a must for any holiday outfit.

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Got an awesome outfit with one of our statement necklaces? Send us your photo or post it on Facebook.  I’m dying to see what everyone is wearing!

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Brianne Monceaux says:

I ordered and just received the jewelry that I am wearing for my wedding on May 1, 2010. I just want to let you know that I am MORE than pleased with my purchase!!! The matching necklace and earrings are BEAUTIFUL! More beautiful than in the picture!!! And the bracelet is so me!!! I just so happened to come across your website through google and I am glad that I did!!! Thank you so much for the speedy service and wonderful jewelry!!!

Locket necklaces are special jewelry that is meant to keep or conceal mementos. Their greatest advantage is to keep you in touch with your lost loved ones.