Prestigious Purple

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prestegious purplePrestigious Purple

Whether you call it Purple or Violet,
Here’s a couple things you should know about the last color in the spectrum.
The Good:
Purple can add a real rush to your day… literally! Like red, purple is a physically stimulating color that can actually provide you with a boost of energy if it’s present throughout your day. In addition, as purple has often been linked to and associated with royalty, this color tends to convey a sense of something being high class or high quality. Which means, if you add a few key purple-y pieces to your regular wardrobe rotation, it’s possible to spend less and look like you’ve spent a lot. There’s nothing wrong with that in my book!

The Bad:
Each shade of Purple affects us unlike any other. Deep Purple in excess, for example, can lead to us seeming ruthless or arrogant. Which is definitely not a vibe I think any of us are looking to give off! The wrong shade of this color can make us come off as immature or impractical, so be careful! Like blue, purple can lend itself to deepening feelings of depression since it leads us to introspection. With that being said, you should probably rethink a head-to-toe purple look if you are prone to feeling down.

purple punchPrestigious Purple

The How To:
Don’t be afraid to dress it down! Since purple exudes opulence, it makes a great contrast when you slip on a pair of purple high-tops with a fitted hooded sweatshirt. Adding key pieces with a purple tone can be an easy way to add some energy to your wardrobe. Stash all your must-haves for class or your next big meeting in a purple messenger bag that will have you ready to face the day! Of course, if you’re not a purple proficient, you can always start adding this most regal of hues to your day with a unique and creative purple brooch. Or, if you’re more like me, a simple beaded bracelet might be just the thing to add a splash of color to a neutral toned ensemble icon smilePrestigious Purple

prestegious purple itemsPrestigious Purple

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