Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

Last week on my Halloween costume jewelry post, I promised more Halloween costume ideas that you can create using pieces from 1928! It is so easy to take clothing items you already have or would wear again in the future and create fun, unique costumes. The ideas below involve a little more effort in looking for the perfect pieces, but we’re here to help. Halloween is really not that far off and we want to give you time to pull your look together before the rush!

A great costume idea that has been gaining popularity as the show does is Joan Holloway from Mad Men. The red head office manager, played by actress Christina Hendricks, is the epitome of chic, 1960’s fashion. Get yourself a cardigan sweater, a printed pencil skirt and, of course, her signature gold tone pen necklace!

joan holloway 300x300Cool Halloween Costume Ideas51548 300x300Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

Another idea (I just couldn’t resist to share), is to dress up like Snooki from the Jersey Shore! Nicole Polizzi, much better known as the lovable Snooki, was at the CMT Awards Suite and paid 1928 a visit. She picked up this 1928 Pink Champagne Fantasy Filigree Cross Neckalce and we think you should too! Pair it with a bouffant hairdo and bedazzled sunglasses and you’ve got a costume that will have everyone laughing!

snooki 300x300Cool Halloween Costume IdeasSnooki Web 300x225Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the most popular Halloween costume ideas this year is the one and only Lady Gaga. While her fashion is outrageous, the one thing you can count on from her is glitz and glam! The more sparkle and shine, the better, so pile it on! A blonde wig and some creativity and you have yourself a contest worthy costume.

gaga 300x300Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

Or take Nicole Kidman’s character in Moulin Rouge and dress like an early 1900s French can-can dancer. 1928 has a beautiful jewelry collection of pieces inspired from this era that would look great with a full skirt and bustier.

moulin rouge 300x300Cool Halloween Costume IdeasAnd last but not least, we suggest the idea of dressing as one of our fashion inspirations, Jackie O. In a past post, I featured Jackie Kennedy’s fashion accessories because her style is truly timeless. String on the pearls and adorn your outfit with a brooch to get her classic but flawless style.

jackie o 300x300Cool Halloween Costume IdeasHope you enjoyed our creative costume suggestions! What are your costume plans for this Halloween?

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