Emma Pillsbury Jewelry

Yesterday was Glee’s season finale! Did any of you get to watch? The musical numbers were nothing short of great, as always, but I did want to see more of our dear germaphobic guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, who only had two short scenes with her classic bug-eyed stare. (Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers for those who didn’t watch.) She definitely gives the show a lot more flavor. The blogosphere can’t get enough of her fashionable wardrobe, and we can’t either! Yesterday, Emma was was wearing her classic cardigan sweater but in a coral color with little black ribbon prints, worn over a white blouse. You know a true character is created when you go to the store and find a piece for which you can say, “that’s so Emma!”

What we know: she’s an impeccable dresser with a retro flair, her outfits are always crisp, ironed, prim and proper. She loves to wear cardigans, pencil skirts, blouses with bows or ruffles, pastels and brights, flowers…and we can’t forget about her jewelry that includes an amazing selection of brooches and statement necklaces! We suspect she likes to shop at J.Crew, Anthropologie and Banana Republic.

I think she’d also love to shop at 1928;) What do you think? Check out our Polyvore set that features Emma Pillsbury inspired jewelry!

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