Fab Find Friday: Cover Up with a Vintage Brooch!

With awards season just beginning, we’ve been writing a lot about celebrity style and red carpet looks, so for this Fab Find Friday, we wanted to give you a different kind of find! I saw this beauty tip and couldn’t wait to share it! Dita Von Teese, known as a celebrity burlesque performer, has a book coming out later this year that is all about do-it-yourself beauty tips and tricks. She has such a signature style that screams vintage glamor! In her beauty book, she wants “women to understand that you don’t have to have the glam squad to put your look together.”

And we couldn’t agree more! Dita has been releasing her secrets little by little on her twitter account and that is where I found this fab hair trick that anyone could easily pull together. Her clever secret:

“Sometimes with an imperfect hair-do rather than starting over,

I cover the flaw up with a vintage brooch!”

Some of my very favorite 1928 pieces are the fashionable vintage-style brooches because you can use them in so many ways, just like fixing a hair ‘do! Here are some of my favorite ways to get creative with my 1928 brooches!

  • String it on a chain and it becomes a beautiful pendant!
  • Pull your flutter cardigan together if there are no buttons.
  • Place one on top of a present. It adds decoration and serves as an extra little gift!
  • Pin a brooch on your purse’s zipper so it serves as the slider and adds flair.
  • A brooch on a hat makes it look like a totally different hat than when you wore it last.

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See? Brooches are so useful! Thanks to Ms. Von Teese’s hair tip, I’m thinking of more and more ways to utilize the “vintage” accessory. What are some of your favorite beauty tips? How else have you used a brooch other than wear it on your coat?

Have a fabulous Friday!

dita tip4Fab Find Friday: Cover Up with a Vintage Brooch!

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OakGem says:

Very cool! I recently stumbled across a whole bunch of tips to use with vintage broaches. You can clip it to the back of a big sweater to make it fit better, pin it to a handbag or clasp to give it a bit more of a punch, and like dita, wear it in your hair!

I happen to sell a lot of lovely second hand vintage broaches. Please take a look!

Vintage Jewelry