Filigree Jewelry, Anyone?

The word “filigree” means anything delicate and fanciful. In jewelry terms, filigree is jewelry made with strands of metal wire bent into vines, scrolls, spirals, and other floral  twists and turns. It can nicely dress up any outfit and give your ensemble an edgy, but delicate flair.

There are two kinds of filigree styles. One style solders the wire to a metal base. This method was used in the 13th  century by German and Italian jewelers. The second style doesn’t have a metal backing and has an open design, which was a characteristic in European jewelry until the 15th century.

Here are two of our new filigree styles from our Golden Fleece collection! The faux brown suede leather straps add a unique edge to the designs.

46749Filigree Jewelry, Anyone?
63214Filigree Jewelry, Anyone?

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I love this filigree; has the look of pure sweet sunshine.

shel says:

I do love anything filigree…it’s always so classy.

Danielle P says:

I love this jewelery.. this is exactly what my great grandmother wore and I admired it on her very much.. beautiful and elegant

Suzy says:

I never really knew what it was called but I always knew that I liked that style! I love it actually! It is so detailed, it looks like lace. I like it in silver or gold, it’s beautiful either way.