How to Shape Your Face with Earrings!

face shapeHow to Shape Your Face with Earrings!

When you put on earrings, do you ever think about whether it will slim your face, lengthen or widen it? If you recall, just last week I wrote a post about WWD’s article from 1928 that mentioned tips on jewelry’s effect on different face shapes.  While I gave you 3 tips for necklaces, I only mentioned one for earrings. This post will focus on how to dress/shape your face with earrings. (Don’t worry, I’ll mention necklaces on a separate post icon winkHow to Shape Your Face with Earrings! )  Of course there are no rules when it comes to wearing earrings, but it can help create an illusion of a slimmer face, more angled face, or it can even hide unappealing features or bring out your best features–all without putting in much effort.  Maybe you’ve had a big late night snack and woke up to find your face bloated.  Well, thankfully, there are ways to make it less noticeable!

style hive prairie pheasant earringsHow to Shape Your Face with Earrings!

How to Shape and Flatter Your Face with Earrings

Check out these earrings above that I found on! The model is wearing a pair of extra large, crazy pheasant earrings that take the focus off her face, which can be used to her advantage if she wants a blemish to be less obvious!

  • Angled or structured look – For round or oval faces,  add some dimension by going the opposite. Contrasting is key. Choose sharp geometric shapes like triangles, octagons, or trapezoids–any earrings that are pointed.
  • Rounder look – For square or rectangular face shapes, also choose the opposite. Hoops, loops, and anything earrings that are curvy or organic in shape will work in your favor.
  • Widened look – For narrow face shapes, wide chandelier earrings and round pendants will add beautiful dimension to your face.
  • Slimming look – To slim your face, put on some long drop linear earrings or skinny pendant earrings.
  • Distracting-your-features look – Choose earrings that are large, fun and chaotically pretty (see pictured, though it doesn’t have to be that crazy). It will keep the focus away from a facial blemish you want to hide.
  • Bring-out-your-eyes look – Put on a pair of sparkly earrings that match the color of your eyes.
25355 300x300How to Shape Your Face with Earrings!
A pair of long drop earrings help slim the face

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Charlene Kuser says:

This article is very informative.I never thought of matching face type
to style of earrings.I always wondered why some looked better in earrings
than others.You have a very nice blog here.

Jen says:

@jesslyn: so glad u found it helpful!

Salleefur/Jesslyn says:

Thank you for a fascinating article: I’ve never seen advice/guidance along these lines and I found it very helpful, even enlightening! Good work!