Free Earrings: How Do You Like to Glam Up Your Little Black Dress?

littleblackdressFree Earrings: How Do You Like to Glam Up Your Little Black Dress?

When Coco Chanel introduced the notion of ‘The Little Black Dress,’ she started a much-needed fashion revolution:

“What she invented is more a ‘principe’, an idea, the fact that a dress can be used in different situations and can be changed by the addition of accessories,” said Paris-based fashion historian, teacher and author Florence Muller.

(Visit for the full article on the LBD.) Until the 1920′s, women had to wear heavy, decorative clothes that they often needed help with putting on and would change frequently for different occasions throughout the day. Imagine having to do that today!

The Little Black Dress is usually something:

1) Simple, so you can be flexible with the type of jewelry and accessories.

2) Timeless, so you can wear it in and out of every season.

3)  Shorter in length, so you can dress it up or down.

So here’s a little question for you.

How do you like to glam up your little black dress?

With classy crystal jewelry? Silver? Gold? Black? Bronze? Copper? A pair of rebellious  white boots like the model pictured above? With a pop of color? Or just simple and monochromatic?

Same rules apply as before. Comments posted on Facebook don’t qualify as an entry! When leaving a comment under this post, please make sure to provide your correct email address in the marked space so we can contact you (it will not show up publicly). You will be automatically entered in a random drawing to win the beautiful pair of earrings below! Ends Thursday.

21370Free Earrings: How Do You Like to Glam Up Your Little Black Dress?

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Brandy Byrne says:

Deep plum lipstick!

Mary Preston says:

To accessorize my LBF I tend to stay with the tried & true. Tasteful earrings & bracelets & my little black shoes.

Jenny Stamos says:

What gorgeous earrings!

I actually bought my very first little black dress this summer! I wanted to show off my lower legs and hide extra weight on my upper body, so I paired it with a bright pink thin sweater held together with a wide black belt.

I’m hoping to discover more ways to wear it, but was thrilled at my first attempt! :)

Mattie says:

Colorful shoes and yellow gold jewelry

Samantha A says:

How do I dress it up – depends on my mood. MOnochormatic – lotsa color – just a dash of glitter. It really, really depends!

Amanda Lyninger says:

I have no little black dress, but I tend to always want to wear my tank top that’s turquorise and has brass studs on the bodice. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a little black dress. I go casual. I never go to those kinds of things. I have nice clothes that work for going to nice things, it’s just that I enjoy the casual wear more than the formal wear.

Paula says:

Usually diamonds set in white gold. Unless I’m wearing shoes of color and carrying a purse of color. I usually then match the jewelry to the rest of the accessories.

Vanessa says:

A silver omega necklace with a silver pendant, silver hoop earrings and a silver bracelet. Black pumps with silver trim.

Beth Shari says:

As a costume designer, there are soooo many choices when it comes to “the little black dress”! Personally, it depends on my mood. If the dress is really simple then I think bold necklaces,earrings and cuffs are the way to go. I more dramatic garment may just require a simple set of drop earrings to compliment it. A simple glitzy hair clip in a side swept, up-do is an elegant accent too! I really enjoy playing with all the fun options! Don’t you?!

Chan says:

Simple, with black heels & pearls or diamond studs.

Laurence says:

I would definitely add some color or wear it with a multiple strand pearl necklace.

polly says:

my little black dress always loves simple diamond earrings and necklace.

Amber Netto says:

With some great red heels!

Kelli Rosenthal says:

I’d definitely choose dramatic accessories if I’m going out on the town – break out the good jewelry, the Prada pumps or Jimmy Choo stilettos, and a fabulous bag and wrap. If going less luxe, then chandelier earrings, a chunky necklace, and some touches of color in my bag, shoes, and maybe stockings!

Colleen says:

Sparkly things at the ears, neck and wrist. Simple, elegant, timeless!

Valerie Johnson says:

I like to wear black crystal earrings with silver accents, big chunky necklaces in silver and black, and sometimes a silver cuff with my LBD. I also like the look of grey/silver pearls in large clusters around the neckline, very holiday glam ;) ~valerie

Kimberly says:

I usually go with silver jewelry and silver shoes when I rock my LBD.

Erin says:

Some bold heels, definitely! Deep eggplant, dark red – as long as it’s dramatic!