Free Earrings: Round 2!

As we mentioned on our post last Tuesday, we’re giving away a pair of free earrings every Tuesday for a few weeks. This week’s featured earrings will be chosen by you! Yes, you read that right.

So you’re going to work and you found the perfect dress, bag and shoes but you have nothing to accessorize with. What 1928 earrings would you wear with this outfit below? Leave a comment with the style number and direct link, and you’ll be automatically entered for a random drawing to win the earrings you choose! When leaving a comment, please make sure to provide your correct email address in the marked space so we can contact you (it will not show up publicly). Limits: Earrings must be $25 or below; otherwise it won’t count. Ends Thursday. (Remember, comments on Facebook will not qualify as an entry!)

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Karen F says:

So many lovely choices but I think I would go with these. Bois de Boulogne etched rose earrings. style #29536

Wendy Fredericks says:

I would wear the Blue Moon Merlyn’s Window Earrings. I think it would match perfectly.

Margaret Porter says:

I like style 23143. Simple and elegant

Karen R. says:

Silver Lace Filigree Chandelier Earrings Style Number 20686

Gabrielle Benczi says:

Orange Flower Charm Earrings Style #20287
I chose the orange Flower Charm Earrings for the outfit because the orange color really accents the purse and the earrings also have a nice texture to it same as the texture of the blue sweater. Also, these earings are simple but yet sophisticated same as the outfit. It says, “I’m casual but traditional.” Same as the earrings. I also wanted to incorporate the urban feel the outfit has so the floral earring is really great because of the rustic feel it has to it. Hope you think my choice is a wise one.


Kim Boes says:

I would choose earrings style #27968!!

Vanessa says:

I like the Blue Starlight Vintage Drop Earrings

Maithili Naik says:

i would choose: style number 24308. that style is so classic, it goes with everything.

Susie Fergus says:

Jet Heart and Blue Chandelier Earrings — #26596
Simple, yet gorgeous!

Jessica says:

Morocco Silver Flower Double Drop Earrings Style 23143. They are my fave for this dress!!

Meredith says:

Seine Silver Midnight Blue Hoop Earrings– the silver breaks up the blue and makes them not so “matchy matchy”.

hannah eckman says:

i like the Hematite Tone Sapphire Hues Trapeze Floral Earrings
and i think it would go great! (:

melissa fresoni says:

i like the Onyx Dreams Multi Tiered Beaded Earrings

thanks (:

Nicole says:

I really think one of the pearl earrings with a gold tone post would pull this outfit together quite nice without looking too busy and incorporating a little color from the purse.

However, I already have earrings similar to that so (in the off chance I win lol)I went with the Orange Flower Charm Earrings. Originally, I was aiming for blue or black earrings but i really think the orange/peach/gold colors make this outfit standout. The dress already has a lot going on so with the lace overlay so I tried to stay simple and still incorporate the purse color. In addition it’s a earring that I could actually see myself wearing with my own wardrobe, even though orange isn’t a color I wear much at all. Kudos :D


Angie Gray says:

Nightfall Jet Black Checker Earrings would look stunning, don’t you think? :)

julie janowitz says:

style # 29845 simple but classy and elegant.

Melanie Duford says:

I really like Rebecca Aquamarine Filigree Drop Earrings Style # 29250 for this outfit

Lisa Mathews says:

After much thought I think the Gothic Black & Diamond Oval Drop Item #29079 earrings are the best ones to wear with this outfit! I love the dress and I think these would compliment it elegantly!

Ronita says:

All things considered, I would wear the Destiny Sparkling Peach Marquise Cut Drop Earrings. It would definitely draw attention to my face as well as offset the dark colors as well as add more definition to the handbag.

Item No. 20199
Quick Overview
Flaunt your elegance with a gorgeous pair of marquise cut teardrop earrings featuring a layer of shimmering peachy pink crystals on a polished brass finishing.

Destiny Sparkling Peach Teardrop Earrings
Destiny Sparkling Peach Teardrop Earrings

You need some sparkle with the solid dress and will pick up the orange in the handbag.

Kelley Jarvis says:

Seine Silver Midnight Blue Heart Drop Earrings.

Melinda Walsh says:

I would wear Victorian Revival Simple Rose Earrings 23057. I like to add classic earrings to my dresses.

jane smith says:

I like the Seine Silver Aqua Blue Charm Tassle earrings#20645.Young and flirty.Yet would be ok for work.

Gina Sandoval says:

These are beautiful!
Style #20506 mademoiselle filigree silver drop

Crimson Gardens Petite Drop Earrings
Style # 20690

The earrings have an elongated teardrop ruby red stone to match the purse as well as hints of blue in the acrylic bead to match the dress!

Molly Christman says:

20904 jet filigree drop earrings

Valerie Johnson says:

Fall Purple Collection, Style #21224

L. Yangco says:

I would choose item # 28910 the Harvest Vines Peach Drop earrings because they would add a pop of color similar to the purse yet still compliment the outfit and be appropriate for work

MBP says:

Hematite Tone Sapphire Hues Trapeze Floral Earrings #25315

The various shades of blue and black in the earrings echo those in the outfit.

Kyla says:

#27968 definitely!!

Luckys Luna says:

I would pair it with Style Number 20644, Seine Silver Midnight Blue Hoop Earrings, the midnight blue goes with the blue of the dress. The silver floral etched tone hop is an echo of the pattern of the dress!


karen says:

I work in a law office so conservative earrings would be best for me — I choose style 20216

Laurence Liotta says:

Definitely the Style Number 28803.

Janet Seabolt says:

I’d pair this with Butterfly Wings – #20301. Design is light enough not to compete for attention with the ornate pattern of the dress, while the shape and style of the earrings compliment it. The copper/dark orange ties in with the purse.

Sherry says:

I would pick the exquisite Destiny Sparkle Peach Marquise Cut Drop Earrings Item # 20199 to go with the bag. The clarity will also reflect the dress color and it will be stunning!!!

Trend Buzz says:

I think 20644 would be perfect for this outfit!

Sheilah Pickard says:

Definitely style # 25315 !

Danitra says:

The Purple Flower Amethyst earrings (style: 21220) are delicate and work appropriate. The purple complements the blue dress and shoes nicely.

Kim White says:

27370 – turquoise with a touch of orange to tie in the bag

ErinL says:

I would go with style 22785–the Harvest Blueberry Hues Chandelier earrings. They go with the blues from the dress beautifully!

Tracy says:

I looked at all the pretties and had a VERY hard time picking just 1 pair! I finally decided on 23230 Black Diamonds Ornate Filigree Frame Earrings. I ADORE the beautiful vintage look and the item number is my lucky number 23, 2 times!

1920s says:

Style 27968 would be stunning. The round filigree setting, the dark hematite tone metal and the mix of blue hued accents compliment the ensemble, perfectly.

Amanda Lyninger says:

I would do the Blue Square Drop Earrings. They would go with almost any outfit, and they would go with work clothes easy.

Hi :) What a beautiful dress–one of my favorite colors of blue. It’s rather hard sometimes to match colors, but I liked the Seine Silver Midnight Blue Heart Drop Earrings as soon as I saw them (I love silver, blue and hearts–perfect to me!!). The dress looks rather airy, light–a great match with the earrings (and only $12.00!).

Thanks! Lisa :)

Erin says:

Style # 25822, simple and fashionable.

Seine Silver Midnight Blue Hoop Earrings
style 20644

Love It!!!