Free Earrings: What Fashion Era Do You Wish You Had Lived In?

Those who weren’t able to win for the past two rounds, who knows, maybe you’ll win this time! Last week we asked all of you which 1928 earrings paired well with the scalloped blue dress outfit we featured on our Polyvore set. Here are some of the earrings that you suggested!

This week’s free earrings challenge question is a bit easier:

If you could transport to any fashion era, which would it be and why? (Roaring 20s, Retro 50s, Disco 70s, etc.)

Same rules apply as before. Comments posted on Facebook don’t qualify as an entry! When leaving a comment under this post, please make sure to provide your correct email address in the marked space so we can contact you (it will not show up publicly). You will be automatically entered in a random drawing to win the pair of earrings below! (Fall is quickly approaching and purple is one of the IT colors;-) Ends Thursday.

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Thelma says:

I wish I would of lived in the 60′s

I like the turn-of-the century 1900′s. It was an era of grace, dedicated to time-honored values and traditions. Edwardian fashion ruled the day, and no respectable lady would be without at least 6 petticoats. The fashion lines were sleek, and designed to show off a woman’s slender figure and curves … tiny waists and emphasized hips – the Gibson girl had arrived!

Nicole says:

I think i would have to go with the Georgian Era (1714 to 1830) Most of the jewelry from that era were just so beautifully ornate and intricate.

“Popular jewelry styles of the period…. forming ornate arrangements such as ‘chandelier’ style earrings, rivière necklaces’ with their ‘flowing river’ of diamonds, and multi-strand festoons or three-strand en esclavage necklaces’ forming swagged concentric rings. In keeping with the ‘excesses’ of the times, diamonds were a favorite gemstone of the early Georgian Era. Gemstones were used in ornate repoussé settings, forming a raised metal pattern by working from the back side of the piece.”

Just some really classy looking stuff imho. :)

I would enjoy being in the Victorian era…the earrings and jewelry were so intricate and I like the laceyness and vintage look..the onxy stone was used a lot and dark garnets..transport me back to the Victoria age..

Sylvia Meeks says:

1900, Art Nouveau influence – lovely, gentle time when ladies were
treated as ladies..Klimt art, winding patterns curving into jewelry,
and a brand new century ahead.

VivianGrace says:

I would LOVE to experience the fashion of the 1700s. All the different styles they went through; the rich colors and fabrics, the FANTASTICAL gowns, how any dressed up lady could look and feel like a queen! The balls and simply magical masquerades and costume-wear, of course maybe not so much the insane undergarments ;) Jewelry, clothing, shoe style, the magnificence of the carriages, SPLENDID!
My very soul loves any kind of fashion that could be perceived as fictional: renaissance, medieval, VICTORIAN (*another fav.) the ladies of this time were so regal looking *sigh:) ), I always dress as a lady from a particular time in history for Halloween.. and often times people love it more than any of the other fantasy costumes, because it captures a little of both!

Kim says:

1920′s styles looks like alot of fun!

char langeland says:

I think I would like to be back in the 60′s, since I grew up in them, would like to go back to the tye died look and the longer hair . Would just be fun to be back there.

Karen F says:

I would have to be 1940-1945. Sexy but not too much and classy. It was a return to functionality but at the same time stylish. Think Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep.

Sweet says:

Although I love vintage but with the earrings…I would go for the 50′s it fits the color and I think I just have a get up in mind….plus a lovely hairdo…

whehehe excited for this…


Gina Sandoval says:

Would have to be the 50′s of course! I love wearing the dress styles of that era and the shoes too!

Jen James says:

As much as I love the 1920s-1960s and would be happy in any of those eras, I would love to have the experience of going back to Jane Austen’s time in history – the Regency era. The dresses were simple but elegant, paired with intricately and beautifully designed jewelry.

Janelle Ashton says:

I’d go with the Victorian Era around the turn of that century because the fabrics were luxe, and one had the conveniences of the industrial revolution entering society!

Amanda Lyninger says:

I’d go with the 1960′s because that’s when woodstock happened and a ton of other things happened. Fashion took a turn for the good, and women were working more outside of the house, and the hippies were coming out into their own.

Garance says:

Definitely the 1920′s or the 1930′s. Just classic!

Hiral Sanghvi says:

Roaring 20′s because its classy, vintage n timeless!!

Shelley says:

Difficult one to answer. 1920s is my favorite era because of my connection to its music and because of my Louise Brooks haircut. The 1930s had such softly feminine lines and fabrics, and the hairstyles were soft and natural-looking. The 1940s works better for us curvier types. (The remaining decades aren’t “vintage” enough for me.) I guess the 1930s wins. Any era I choose would have the proper foundation garments to go along with it, so I think I could manage to look slinky in a satin gown. And how about all that exquisite deco furniture as a backdrop to the fashion? I could live with that.

Ronita says:

I definitely would choose the 1960′s. I am reminded of this era everytime I watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or see any clips of Former First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis. The styles captured in the 60′s were impeccable. In this era, you can see the 1920s with the beginning of the “little black dress” and the movement towards female independence with the shorten hemlines. Yet everything was classy. This eral also reflected the idea that “less is more.” Women wore pearls and rhinestones not just for special occassions. There were elegant hair pinups and slenderizing clothing for both men and women.

Janet Seabolt says:

I’m old enough to have been front row center in the Age of Aquarius and while I loved living in the ’60′s, I’ve always thought the style of the Roaring 20′s was fantastic, so that’s where I’d choose to go.

Laura says:

Definitely the 1920′s!

MBP says:

The 50′s – I love the classic, fitted styles of that era.

Kelli Rosenthal says:

Edwardian – 1920s.

Nicole Glowaz says:

The 1930′s! The clothes were sexy and feminine.

Liz W says:

The 1920s for sure!!! I like a style that’s not super form fitting. I think though I like the hair the best though. You can put feathers in there, jewels and the waves of curl. I think I just like everything about that period decor and style-wise. Not the prohibition part though ;)

Erin says:

I would go to the 40s and 50s! I love everything about the womens clothing style of that era!

Regina Dillon says:

I think the elegance of the 40′s…that would be the era I would like to have lived far as the jewelry goes..

Gwen says:

Retro 50s! The shape, fit and colors as well as the timelessness of the fashion of that era will always be admired.

Jenny says:

If I could live in any fashion era, it would be the Gay 90s–the 1890s. Jewelry was elegant and feminine, clothing was modest yet flattering–nothing boyish or androgynous back then! Shoes were sensible, too. Who doesn’t feel like a lady in a full skirt and boned waist?

Sherry says:

I would go back to the 1960′s…bright colors….peace signs…flowing hippie blouses….love….lots of love!!!!

Amber says:

The Victorian Era – I love the cinched waists and deep v necks of the ballroom scene :)

Joyce Clark says:

I would transport to the 1920′s era. Because of the fun and classic styles of that decade. The styles were beautiful and very classy and romantic. And I’ve always loved the flapper dresses!!

Pam Gambrell says:

I would love to go back to the “Disco 70′s”. I had a pair of bell bottom jeans that I left back there and would love to get them back again! Those purple earrings would look absolutely FABULOUS with them.

Kim says:

I’d totally do the Roaring 20′s!

Danielle says:

I’d go to the 1950s…high-waisted skirts, ruffled blouses, simple heels, and beautiful, feminine jewelry!