Girls in Tech: Social Fashion and Beauty Summit

On Thursday, I attended the Girls In Tech, Fashion & Beauty Summit with my bosses Marsha Benaron & the latest addition to the 1928 Jewelry crew, Sonia White. Marsha, Sonia & I were there to support Macala.

Macala, our Interactive Marketing Director, was a panelist on discussion of women who used social marketing to promote and build brand awareness for their companies online.

The conversation was amazing and included:

  • Chris Elia, founder of Closet Couture
  • Patricia Handschiegel, founder of the 9 Group
  • Meg O’Brian, founder of Meg’s Makeup
  • Catherine Hickland, founder of Cat Cosmetics & played character Lindsay Rappaport on ONE LIFE TO LIVE
  • Macala Wright, the interactive marketing director for 1928 Jewelry
  • Maxine Tatlonghari, founder of Vanity Girl Hollywood
  • Mediated by Robyn Cohen.

A brief synopsis: Social Marketing is what a company makes it. A fashion brand must consciously engage perspective customers online, they must add value to the forum and social sites that they participate in on a constant basis otherwise they will not reap the full rewards of social media. The top five things that all brands sould learn about are Twitter, Facebook, Viral Video (YouTube), Blogging & White Hat SEO. For more information, you can read Macala’s Retail Marketing Blog.

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