How to Wear a Red Bib Necklace

Deciding what to wear with a bold red bib necklace can be a hard feat, but not if you know the rules of the game! When choosing a red-popping necklace, the automatic response might be to find a monochromatic color to wear with it like a matching pair of red shoes or clutch—but we all know that can get a tad boring. Instead, try this:

  1. Start out with a red bib necklace (any color-popping necklace will do)!
  2. Find a pair of colored shoes that is complementary to the necklace (like the blue pumps below). It’s better if it has has a pattern or a secondary accent color.
  3. Use the accent color (which is usually a neutral or basic hue like black) as the backbone to make the whole outfit come together. In this case it was black and white, nicely distributed to the skirt and top.

*In this chic outfit, all the bottom pieces contain traces of black and it’s enough to streamline the whole outfit even with your bold red necklace!

red necklaceHow to Wear a Red Bib Necklace

47970How to Wear a Red Bib Necklace

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Beautiful necklace. It’s really a pretty thing. Thanks for sharing.