Jen’s Journal: new moon

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The twilight saga: new moon

Hi Dolls!  I know you’re going to kill me but I am so not a TwiHard.  I know, I know.  Just not in to pasty faces or cold weather!  Howevs – did you see the “New Moon” DVD sold 4 million copies over the weekend – wow how you LOVE that movie! icon winkJen’s Journal: new moon  

And of course 1928 has some appropriately named jewelry for all you fans: the “Bella Rouge Ruby Red Bowtie Necklace” or the beautiful Siam Red Hematite Tone Drop Earrings that are on sale for just $6.00!!!!! You can’t beat that!  WOW – I seem to be on a blood red theme here!  icon winkJen’s Journal: new moon   Of course you MUST get a couple of the Rojo Hematite Siam Square Filigree Stretch Bracelets and the Blaze Gothic Filigree Bracelets – GORGEOUS! 

What did everyone do over the weekend (besides purchase THAT DVD!)?  I went to a bridal shower and everyone commented on my pin which (of course!) is from 1928 – their Boutique Brand.  It’s the Vintage Inspired Goth Brooch.  Are you aware, dear readers, that 1928 Jewelry has several different brands?  There’s our beloved, and original, 1928; 2028 – an exclusive collection sold only in Macy’s stores; 1928 Boutique, 1928 Bridal; Antiquities Couture (my personal fave – I have several pieces!) and The Vatican Collection – hand selected pieces from the Vatican Library – can you imagine?!  Simply exquisite. 

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Make sure you hop – quick like a bunny – (enough Easter phrases for you?!) and check out all the brands for yourself, you’ll fall in love for the first time, or perhaps you’ll see a brand that’s been here your whole life just waiting for you to rediscover, and maybe explore a whole new you! 

 Ciao for now girls!

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