Jewel of the Month

Today is February 1st, and that means 3 things: 1) V-day  2) Imminent groundhog predictions of spring and 3) Amethyst, the royal jewel color of the month!

Our designers went ahead and created a collection dedicated to February babies and we came up with our Deep Siberian Collection, which incorporates antiqued golden tones and amethyst jewels that give off a Grecian flavor. In case you were wondering, “Deep Siberian” is the ideal grade or standard of amethyst, which can range from light pink violet to deep purple depending on the light source.

Here is a preview of some of our most interesting styles that will give you that pop of color you need with a wardrobe color scheme of tans, browns, different shades of purple, all-black, or—if you’re more daring—green, orange or red. Yes, red!

redhatpurpleJewel of the Month
Red & Purple Combo

22698Jewel of the Month


22695Jewel of the Month

479631Jewel of the Month

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