Jewelry Cravings on the Hunt for Unique

Unique = having no equal; unparalleled; incomparable.

I love a good vintage find. Well, because for one, you can’t get it anywhere else and second, it always feels good to wear something out of the ordinary, surprising or interesting that you know that your friend or co-worker across the cubicle won’t have.

The other day we asked you on Facebook¬†what stood out the most when picking jewelry and the majority of you said ‘uniqueness’, followed by the amount of sparkle. And I’m guessing that is why our 17,000 fans love us! The secret is in the details. Here, I picked out some of our most interesting pieces that our designers have dreamed up, and ones you won’t find me hesitating to buy:

22680Jewelry Cravings on the Hunt for Unique
Crystal Glitz Triple Colorado Drop Earrings – Intricate details.


23223Jewelry Cravings on the Hunt for Unique
Eda Blue Zircon Enamel Earrings – Pop of color, Grecian-style.
28469 2Jewelry Cravings on the Hunt for Unique
Sprinkling Black Diamond Chandelier Earrings – Design perfection.
21800Jewelry Cravings on the Hunt for Unique
De Luca Golden Torch Earrings – Ultimate vintage.
22144Jewelry Cravings on the Hunt for Unique
Maple Seed Earrings – Nature inspiration at its best.

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I love the 4th, or 2nd to last, pair. Very art deco! I design my own jewelry & would be proud to have made or designed any of these.