Joan Holloway Pen Necklace WINNER

After much deliberation (er, sorry for throwing that paper clip at you, boss!) we have reached consensus. I think I’m bruised from the battle for the best Joan…


liz 225x300Joan Holloway Pen Necklace WINNER
Elizabeth H. Brooklyn, NY

Our Winner is appropriately from New York.  We all immediately fell in love with her presentation of Joan with attitude that leaps off the page and went straight to our hearts.

There were so many great entrants, we also have a runner up:

joan long shot good 2 114x300Joan Holloway Pen Necklace WINNER
Elizabeth Ross Cambridge, MA

Elizabeth R.  won our admiration for proving that she went the extra mile for accuracy.

I wish we could post every picture of the numerous entries we received, here are two of our honorable mentions: CLICK MORE to view the rest.

al 202x300Joan Holloway Pen Necklace WINNER
Allison P. Providence, RI

Our very first entrant!

jamie 147x300Joan Holloway Pen Necklace WINNER
Jaime S.Cambria Heights NY

Joan “Hellaway” Get it? We did and we loved it!

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Alex P. says:

Yes, where are the other two? For a contest that took so long to decide, you certainly didn’t put very much effort into posting the results. Why couldn’t you put up a gallery of all the entrants? That would be so fun to look at!

Jen says:

Where are the other 2 honorable mentions? There are only 2 pictures posted, but you said there were 4…

Moe says:

Hey Liz! Congrats! you’re the breastest Joan Holloway ever!!!!
What did you win?

Moe says:

congrats Liz! You’re the breastest Joan Holloway EVER!
What did you win?