Kate Winslet’s Vintage Style Inspires Our Jewelry

I’ve always loved Kate Winslet.

I “met” Kate in 1997; she played the pale skinned, fiery haired Rose Dawson opposite the boyishly handsome Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. Kate wasn’t the rail thin actress that mass media emulates in movies and fashion magazines. She was soft, she had curves.

I loyally followed her through Hideous Kinky, Faeries, Holy Smoke, Quills, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, Little Children, The Reader, all the way down Revolutionary Road. She’s a woman who’s played many characters. some sophisticated and some unglamorous. It was the roles that weren’t glamorous that made me love her more.  No matter how plain (Quills) or unsexy (Little Children) her character was supposed to be, it was never fooled. Her confidence made her sexy, and it oozed off the screen. That made her more beautiful; she represented an ideal of women that was attainable in society.

A few months ago, she graced the cover of my Vanity Fair in a beautiful homage to Catherine Deneuve (think Indochine) in Belle de Jour. But Kate has never won a major International award for her role in a film until this year where she took two Golden Globes for her role in The Reader.

I stood in my living room, jumping up and down, screaming. I was as flustered as she was. I was excited and crying. I was so proud of her. I was like, “Stop apologizing to Angelina! This is about you!”

Kate Winslet represents timeless beauty, she represents real women and obtainable goals. Her Golden Globe was not only representative of her talent as an actress, it acknowledged realistic body images of women. So thank you Kate, and here’s a modern meets vintage 2028 Jewelry collection we dedicate and inspired by you.

v4 090213 kate winslet inspired vintage jewelry1Kate Winslets Vintage Style Inspires Our Jewelry

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hanne~ says:

beautiful. I love kate :-)

Maria leah says:

Wow!I do admire this actress…her beauty is really timeless.she has this oozing personality,and looks very down to earth.