Last Free Earrings Tuesday: Inspiration from Everyday Objects

shapedearringsLast Free Earrings Tuesday: Inspiration from Everyday Objects

Today is the last day of our 10 free earrings giveaway! So if you weren’t one of the winners for the past nine giveaways, this is your chance! But after this week, we are going to have more jewelry goodies for all you loyal commenters as a little thank-you! So keep posting and there’s a good chance you’ll be selected when you least expect it. icon winkLast Free Earrings Tuesday: Inspiration from Everyday Objects

Today’s giveaway is inspired jewelry from everyday objects. When you think about it, everything originates from an inspiration whether it’s been seen in nature, on another person, or an object. Designers can get their inspiration from a building, wheels of a bicycle, a lantern, fruit, nature, to the shape of an antique mirror, it’s endless! Or maybe seeing the leaves of fall inspired you to wear more orange (that’s me icon smileLast Free Earrings Tuesday: Inspiration from Everyday Objects ).

What about you?
What everyday objects inspire you when deciding what to wear or what to buy?

Answer the above question and tell us which of the three style of earrings above you’d wear, to win it–the Pink Cluster Earrings, the Pearl Drop Earrings, or the Fan Earrings? Same rules apply as before. Comments posted on Facebook don’t qualify as an entry! When leaving a comment under this post, please make sure to provide your correct email address in the marked space so we can contact you (it will not show up publicly). You will be automatically entered in a random drawing to win one of the pair of earrings above! Ends Thursday.

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lisa gurzi says:

The Sun inspires me what do wear,

Judy McLain says:

I am inspired by the season of the year and the holiday that is coming up next. As an early elementary teacher I love to dress for the kids – they are so quick to comment on what I’m wearing that I just can’t NOT wear things for them. They love the look of the unusual and especially the look of something unusual surrounding Christmas. I have lots of different earrings that could be thought of as Christmas – even if it’s only September! and they always want to touch them or watch them move.

Cynthia says:

When the fall colors change I find inspiration in what nature puts next to each other. The colors and contrast of needles and leaves bring a new flare to my wardrobe choices putting new color combinations together.

hiral sanghvi says:

anything vintage n natural.. i absolutely love them..

Cynthia says:

I am always inspired by the beauty of nature – the flowers and trees especially! My favorite earring is the pink cluster earrings – they are beautiful!

Melinda Morris says:

The pink cluster earrings are what I’d choose because I’m often inspired by fruit! For example, today I’m wearing cherry earrings and grapefruit-scented perfume! Those pink cluster earrings do look like a blackberry, which is my favorite fruit.

Jann D. says:

Everyday objects that inspire me are ones I see or experience in the nature that is either around me, or what I can see out my window! The colors of the leaves, flowers, the sky; fresh green grass or fallen leaves on the lawn, and SNOW! I cannot WAIT for snow; I just adore it! So, the earrings that remind me the most of SNOW are the Pearl Drop Earrings; they’re just perfect!

BurlyQLady says:

I’m inspired by anything vintage! A lot of vintage jewelry is either very simple and never goes out of style (example – simple pearl earrings) or call on designs from nature and animals (example – peacocks! owls!) I just adore it. I’d definitely wear the fan earrings and the egg-inspired pearl drops. They’re all so beautiful!

Laurence says:

I usually wear black, so I choose my jewelry sets to spruce up my clothes. I will choose the pink cluster earrings, they just look so appetizing!

Sandra Staskal says:

I love jewelry that reflects me and my personality, and projects the same to others. I expect a lot from my jewelry, don’t I? Perhaps that’s why I love 1928 jewelry. My personal style is first, vintage. Vintage projects stability, quality and elegance. But I also wear trendy jewelry, colorful and fun. I’d love the fan earrings, they look fresh and fun with the fall fashions.

Danitra says:

I wear a different color nail polish everyday, so that inspires my jewelry choices.

char langeland says:

I love to wear anything fun, but have to only wear studs at work,

Adina Beth says:

She’s not an ‘object,’ but I am inspired regularly by my daughter’s color choices. Prior to having her, you would rarely see me in pink. But I find that we match pretty often nowadays. She’s 3 1/2.

On that note, my personal style follows more along the lines of the fan earrings… I actually collect fans.

Amanda Lyninger says:

I love all of the earrings that are at!!! I love things that are different, like the Pink Cluster Earrings, because they look like rasberries that go on your ears, not in your mouth. They look a lot more fun than the other two.

Amber says:

I love anything antique or vintage inspired – most of which was probably inspired by all the Jane Austen I read as a child, and still love now. So of course I would choose the pearl drop earings!

Paula says:

I dress based upon the month, season and / or holiday. Peach, orange, browns, golds and greens for Fall. I’d really love the FAN Earrings.

Vanessa says:

I am inspired by nature. I love to wear clothing in nature’s colors like rose, grass green, sky blue or sand. I like jewelry made from gemstones, shells, wood and beads. The pink cluster earrings are my favorites because they look like berries and they are so darn cute. They would look great with a dark rose or a celery colored sweater and a black, rose and celery printed skirt.