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We love living in Los Angeles. Despite the traffic, precarious location of Downtown LA and earthquakes; we wouldn’t give up our sunshine, weekends at the beach or 85 degree winters for anything. And if you live in LA, you know Daily Candy is a read. Yeah, they go to like almost every city these days, but they started in LA. This week brought some killer finds and we just had to share with you. 

The first is the a vintage store called Thank You Mart. Okay, okay – guess what – everything at Thank You Mart is $3.99 or UNDER. That’s right, nothing over $4 bucks. So give up the Starbucks/Peets/Coffee Bean for the day and get some vintage swag and last minute holiday gifts. They can be found on MySpace also.

The second is the opening of the Stories LA. An an era of Borders and Barns & Noble. There are very few independent book stores left, let alone opening. Located in Echo Park, Stories carries new and used books. Mad props to the every eco-conscious, trendsetting Echo Park residents for keeping some old Hollywood alive in LA. They also have coffee – good coffee. 

Lastly, there’s a new kid on the block in LA populous of restaurants and eateries. Kogi Korean BBQ jumped onto my radar when they provided the food for the Girls in Tech launch event that 1928 sponsored.  The food is amazing and it’s mobile? Check ‘em out to find where they are at. You can also Twitter-stalk them at KogiBBQ.

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Photos courtesy of Dwell.

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