Mad Men Season III!

joan 300x216Mad Men Season III!
Courtesy of AMC

Now I just know that all you retro-fashionistas out there are simply chomping at the bit to get your Joan fix (I’m sorry, do you prefer a different fashion icon? Who? Why?) as interest in the new season picks up, so do sales of our pen necklace. I spoke with Anita in Customer Service who informs me that people are buying the 1960′s pen necklace to wear to theirĀ  season premier costume parties. Who are these fabulous people and why haven’t they invited me?

It’s still a little embarrassing to admit that we discovered the show due to it’s fans (of which we now proudly count ourselves, of course) who were calling us asking, “Where can I get Joan’s pen necklace?” These er, mad fans actually scared us at first, but we recovered.

We even threw a Joan Holloway lookalike contest, remember?

Ah, the good old days.

Will you be Mad Men-partying on Sunday?

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jane says:

Wow she is lucky to have the pen necklace