Marc Jacobs Raises Industry Standards

20090202 marcjacobs 560x375Marc Jacobs Raises Industry Standards

On Monday, Marc Jacobs cut his fashion show list by 1300 guests in order to avoid employee layoffs.  Given the current state of the economy, Jacobs says, “it just seems ostentatious for us to continue doing the same thing.” We couldn’t agree more. Instead of lavishing attention on the already celebrity (or wanna be celebrity), Jacobs is setting a standard and showing that the people who work for you are the key to long term success, they should bear the burden of a weekend economy. If there are other places to a company can safely scale back then it should be done.

Jacobs is acknowledging that’s time to trim the fat and embrace a simpler way of getting things done. Fashion shows and parties are for the people who need to be there, your core influencers and supporters. After all, aren’t some of the most sought after, successful fashion brands built on eliteness & exclusivity? He definitely is setting this standard by limiting show attendees.

Hopefully other designers should follow suit.

NY Magazine

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