Michelle Obama’s Style & Love of Vintage Brooches

I’ve been scouring story after story, thinking – “what can I write?” Everyone seems to have been there and done that when it’s come to loving – or hating – Michelle Obama’s vintage fashion choices in her wardrobe. All of the reading brought me to this conclusion:

Michelle Obama is not on her way to becoming the next Jackie O. – she’s outdone her. Obama has already redefined women’s attitudes towards their own personal style and the way they shop.

38794Michelle Obama’s Style & Love of Vintage Brooches
Choice #1: Black Toucan Brooch, $60, 1928.com

The perfect example of this is Obama’s love of vintage brooches. She carefully pairs colorful, creative brooches with her dresses. The brooch that she wore on the now infamous J.Crew outfit is actually reminiscent of a beautiful piece in our Cielo Rojo Collection. Because of its similarity, I’ve taken the liberty of selecting a few from the 1928 Brooches & Pin Collection that I think would compliment Ms. Obama just as nicely.

33604Michelle Obama’s Style & Love of Vintage Brooches
Choice #2: Vintage Bumblebee Pin, $65, 1928.com

“A lot of Mrs. O’s other fashion strategies are detailed, such as changing up outfits with new accessories (belt, brooches and pins are a regular part of her repertoire), mixing and matching separates, combining high and low — tricks many well-dressed women know, to be sure, but that few pull off with as much success. Of course, it also helps when you’re model height and in great shape. Regardless of budget or body type, though, Michelle Obama provides plenty of fashion inspiration for those who are overly attached to jeans, flip-flops, and in desperate need of a substantive fashion role model.” - SF Gate

31967Michelle Obama’s Style & Love of Vintage Brooches
Choice #3: Vintage Pearl Dragonfly Brooch, $65

Whether you love or hate her, you have to respect her. Obama’s vintage fashion style will influence fashion design, jewelry and society trends for the next decade in American society.

Psst: Click on the photos to buy or visit the website at 1928.com

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Most what I read online is trash and copy paste but your blog is different. Keep it like this and dont sell out!

I saw Michelle Obama in person and she is really a very tall Lady. She is also a very charming and charismatic woman just like his husband.

I love Michelle Obama! She is so intelligent, graceful, stern when she needs to be and she has a wonderful sense of humor.

Now a days people likes to look as stylish as possible. The Jewelry design shown above is very good and trendy