M. Obama. The next Jackie O?

Like the rest of the nation I was riveted Tuesday night, watching the tube and regardless of how you voted you have to admit: the lady has style. I was thinking, as I stared at the new First Lady’s mommy down version of the now infamous Narciso Rodriguez dress, I actually prefer some of her more casual-chic looks such as when she appeared on the Jay Leno show:

michelle6 218x300M. Obama. The next Jackie O?

Oh, so you want to own lovely ensemble above? Have no fear, jewelry gal will not let you down; you can buy the exact outfit by clicking here:

J. Crew

Psst. You might have to wait awhile. I get the feeling that this is going to be on back order for a very long time!

Anyone got the skinny on her brooch? Or a closer pic? It reminds me of this:

31984M. Obama. The next Jackie O?

Yes, I am completely head over heels for the style of the new Lady at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Aren’t you? You can find the vintage inspired Red Brooch that Michelle Obama wears on the 1928 Jewelry site for $38.00.

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