Most Popular Jewelry

I think it’s time to reveal our most popular, 10 bestselling jewelry of the year since January! Wow… are we already halfway through 2010?

I don’t know about you, but I love snooping around in the streets, shops, cafes and restaurants to see who’s buying what and who’s wearing what. Sometimes I do a double take because an outfit is TOO outrageous or SO á la mode that I can’t stop staring! Do you get those moments? It’s these times that I hanker for an LA that’s more of a walking culture–fewer cars and more feet! But I’m digressing…

Our #1 bestselling jewelry is the 1960s Vintage Pen Necklace. If you recall, we ran a contest last year on who could wear the pen necklace best as Joan Holloway. We were a bit surprised to find it ranking first since the last episode ran back in November 2009. But with a pending new season, the buzz will not be over anytime soon! And we’re mad about it too! Be on the lookout for July 25: Mad Men Season 4. (By the way, for those of you who already own a pen necklace, we have refills for only a $1!)


51548 2 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
1960s Vintage Pen Necklace


Our next most popular jewelry item is our Bridal Crystal Fancy Drop Earrings that just glamorizes any outfit (It’s more sparkly in person). For weddings? Yes! For a cocktail party? Yes! And it goes well with our matching necklace, which brings us to the next.

26422 3 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Crystal Fancy Drop Earrings


Summer means WEDDING SEASON! This Crystal Fancy Drop Necklace goes perfectly with the white dress or as a gift for a beloved.

44754 5 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Bridal Crystal Fancy Drop Necklace


I just adore these pair of earrings!

25915 2 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Hematite/Sapphire Toned Chandelier Earrings


A unique vintage masterpiece crafted by one of our amazing designers!

82177 3 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Filigree Tawny Hues Earrings


Our sweet trapeze floral leverback earrings are on sale for $12!

25314 2 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Trapeze Floral Earrings


Green seems to be the IT color! These dainty pair of earrings reminds me of a precious baby turtle. And guess what? They’re  currently on sale for only $7! (50% off.) Now there’s a hot deal.  (If you want these earrings, I suggest you act fast before there’s no more left!)

25596 3 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Green Leverback Earrings


Black elegance at its best.

25481 3 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Vintage Black Diamond Crystal Drop Earrings


A dashing beauty. These pair of glittery earrings are on sale for $13.50! Original price: $18.

25730 3 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Double Diamond Crystal Earrings


Last but not least of our most popular jewelry is our GORGEOUS Golden Heirloom Earrings. Also on sale–for $12!

27599 3 300x300Most Popular Jewelry
Golden Heirloom Drop Earrings

Which one is your favorite??

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Caitlin says:

I saw that! I actually got mine on Amazon from you guys! YAY

Jen says:

We have it back in stock!

Caitlin says:

Bummer! I so wanted a gold pen necklace! Any idea when you will be getting more in stock? Thanks!

kri says:

great post! made me want to buy most of the 10 items ESP. the
gorgeous earrings & pen necklace! wish 1928 will do variations on the pen necklace color & style-wise (even though the simplicity shines).