Music Loves Fashion

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl and so happy it is back with more new episodes! The stylish show has started off 2011 with a bang and has upped their fashion game by giving Blair Waldorf’s character an internship at the very prestigious W Magazine. Another highlight I quite enjoyed on this week’s episode was the guest appearance by musical artist Florence and the Machine. The lead singer of the British indie-pop group, Florence Welch, brought her unique, vintage inspired style to the show wearing a bone colored chiffon gown complete with a Victorian-esque black beaded high neckline and embellished cuffs.

florencewelch 300x199Music Loves Fashion

For those of you not familiar with this music sensation, Florence Welch is also very well known in the fashion industry as being a hip, chic artist. Her bright red hair which is usually accompanied with a popping red lip creates a fearlessness when it comes to her fashion sense on stage and on the red carpet. However, Welch appreciates vintage fashion as much as she does trendy, designer looks. She wore a pink chiffon dress for her performance at last year’s VMA’s that was restored from the 1930’s. She said of the vintage dress,

“I love clothes that have a history… It’s kind of nice to feel that your outfit

is doing a performance as well,

and what you wear really dictates how you play.”

I love that both her music and her fashion sense compliment one another- she is modern and edgy but has that vintage sound and style that makes her so unique! What other musical artists do you think are “style artists” too? What bands or singers do you think have a rocking style on and off stage, like Florence Welch?

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