Product Survey: What About This Bling?

So we’ve been creating some amazing things around here: We wanted to give you a preview and here your thoughts:

1. Do you or don’t you like it?

2. How would you wear it?

3. What would you pay?

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This bracelet is really cool. It’s has ivory white enameled flowers with crystal centers. The polished gold tone bracelet is more of a cuff style, opening and closing on a hinge. It’s about 1.5″ wide.

 dss4282 300x300Product Survey: What About This Bling?
Gold Costume Bracelet

This beauty has me quivering in my boots! The necklace is very modern with an industrial, slight gothic vibe. I love the mixed metals – the antiqued gold and black. Very similar to chain mail no? The collar is about 2 5/8″ wide.

 dss4275 300x300Product Survey: What About This Bling?
Costume Chainmail Necklace

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Stephanie says:

They both have very different styles but are fantastic & definitely appealing! The bracelet is a piece I would wear with a casual summer outfit & agree different available colors would be great. The necklace is also something you can dress up or down. Bracelet $30-$45; Necklace $50-$65.

Deena Blas says:

I would rock the necklace with a sweet low cut simple black dress – that’s hot. The bracelet it’s just kinda plain for me. I would love it if it was a color that popped i.e. teal, hot pink. For summer that would be great with a summer dress. I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for the first piece but a lil more for the second. It would depend on the quality of the metals.

AV says:

Piece 1
1. Do you or don’t you like it?
Love it.

2. How would you wear it?
I’d like to wear it on my forearm, with a sleeveless dress or a tank and jeans.

3. What would you pay?

Piece 2
1. Do you or don’t you like it?
Like it.

2. How would you wear it?
A strapless monokini.

3. What would you pay?

Kaye says:

I really like both pieces, but they are very different.

I’d easily pay $55 for the bracelet and wear it with a summer dress.

I’d pay $75 for the necklace. I’d wear it with jeans, a camisole, and heels.

Jenn says:

love the bracelet-delicate and simple.Don’t like the necklace. Looks like it was made with bb’s.Can you tell I am the mother of boys( :

janetti ! says:

#1 – ok, not my style but elegant. can see it going with cream colored for like garden parties or something. $15-20

#2 – hard for most to rock but i’d totally rock it. with black strappy something (dress, shirt, tight pants) or under a tight red leather jacket with zipper open.

price – ugh, i’m cheap so prefer you to make everything $5 so i can afford it all but $60+ sounds good.

i <3 @1928

Lori says:

Love both pieces! Both very different but unique.

Jen says:

I like the first one, although I am not wowed by it. The second one is ugly, and I don’t think it would sell well. Unless there is a medieval convention in town.

More victorian stuff!

Colleen says:

Bracelet: In love with the attention to detail! With floral being the big trend this season, it’s absolutely perfect! Honestly, looks like it could cost $100, hoping you decide otherwise.
Necklace: So rich, a definite eye stopper. A great way to add some classy funk to any look! This piece looks intricate – going to guess $150, but hoping for less.

Ellen says:

Lovin the bracelet. Looks like spring/summer and can wear it with a lot of things. Does it come in other colors? Would pay $45-$50.

Necklace looks heavy and not something I would wear. Would pay $75 tops.

Love both pieces. The first evokes old Hollywood glamour and the latter is Cleopatra meets 2009 rocker chic. Fabulous!

Laurie says:

These pieces are both beautiful though I have to say the necklace is definitely more up my alley, style wise. The bracelet looks like it could be paired with a nice summer dress, jeans, almost anything. I would expect it to retail around $50.
The necklace has so many possibilities. I’m thinking it would retail anywhere from $75 to &125.

I love them both, and would most likely wear them with jeans… it’s all about the accessories after all.

MommyDoodle says:

I would buy the first one for sure! So sweet. I would not buy the second one. It’s too big and bold of a piece for me. I’m petite and it would look silly on me. I’d wear the bracelet with anything honestly. Jeans and a t-shirt. Cute summer dress. I can’t afford jewelry right now so I’m not a good judge of prices. I think it’d be worth $35-45, though.

Macala says:

Hey Cat: The necklace is very light weight.

Cat says:

Liking both pieces. ;)

I would wear the bracelet w/ a more dressy outfit because of the crystal center stones. I would pay no more than $35 on the bracelet.

I would wear the necklace with a basic black dress or even a plain tank and jeans.. either way would be great. Problem is that it looks a little heavy and probably wouldn’t be able to wear it more than 2 hours cuz i may get a headache. I would probably pay no more than $50 on the necklace.

Macala says:

Thanks everyone, please keep them coming!

Joanna Lord says:

I also love both of them, very different feels to them. The first is flirty and feminine, Id rock it with a sun cover up for summer, casual gear, give the outfit a little punch of style.

I absolutely LOVE the second one, much more my style, its edgy, statement worthy. I could imagine this with tons of different outfits, black dress, or white top, dark denim skinnies. Great necklace.

Prices…hmmmm Top…40ish sounds about right, bottom… Id see that going for between 60 and 75.

Awesome stuff … as usual ;)

stephanie says:

I love them both, but they are so different. the delicate beauty, antique feel of the bracelet and i love gold, maybe $40?

The necklace is a great statement piece, a bit more modern. Maybe $50-$60? I don’t usually spend a lot on jewelry, I tend to get lazy about it, but I would like to add fun pieces to my wardrobe.

Anita says:

Loving the bracelet, you know how much I think it screams bridal, but then again I’m a bit biased… I’d say $55 for the bracelet and the necklace should be about $125. :)

mihaela says:

i would prefer white with white metal ( hate gold) …love the necklace ..i would pay not more than $ 30 for the brac. and no more than 50 for the neck.and i would’ve liked to see the 2 items on a model to see better how it would fits ( like proportions and rest)

Vanessa Jacobs says:

I love both of the pieces because they can both be worn with something as simple as a tank top and jeans or with an evening gown.

I would pay about $45 for the bracelet and about $70 for the necklace.

Sara says:

I’m diggin’ the first one a lot better than the second one; although, i’d totally rock both with the proper wardrobe. I would wear the first one a lot more casual than the second… which I could totally pull off at all those high end parties I get invited to. Top one… I’d pay…. hmm… 45-50 bucks. For the bottom one, around $60.