New Faces, Jewelry & Juicy Content

Jewelry Gal is undergoing a slight metamorphosis. I was sitting with my wonderful cohort Macala, reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair – the one with the illustrious Kate Winslet on the cover – discussing the blog and ripping on the latest celeb fashion faux pas (People magazine – nothing but love for ya) when she came up with a few ideas that blew my mind.

Since she loves to write articles and how to’s; so we decided we had to have a “How to Dress/Shop/Eat/Live” – literally breathe – Vintage Section.

I said “WOOOHOO! Let’s do it!” So, she’s jumping on board with me and we are going to give you vintage fashion content like you’ve never seen before. We’ve even retitled the blog.

So Get: Vinspired with us on a bi weekly basis! You don’t even have to visit the blog, just subscribe via email and wake up to us in your in box.

Jen (JG) & Macala (MM)

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