Hot Trend: Enamel Bracelets

Arm yourselves…because things are about to get a little more interesting. Introducing a lovely palette of hand-enameled bracelets that are lacquered in the most loveliest of colors: royal blue, ocean turquoise, stark white and persimmon orange with dazzling crystal accents.

Wear it single or layered and it’ll add a hot new vibe to your look!

xHot Trend: Enamel Bracelets

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How They Accessorized at the Grammy’s

Last night at the fashion…I mean, the 56th Grammy Awards, there was much to ogle at. More than the glowing gowns and fancy attire, I was interested in how they wore jewelry to match their garb, skin tone, hair color, face shape, etc. After all, when you break it down, fashion is a science, right? By dissecting the elements piece by piece and from top to bottom, in the end you see how shapes, textures and colors come together to create beauty and increase a body’s endorphins, hence, affecting the body in ways we never thought.

But putting all long-winded explanations aside, here are a few of the famous ladies of the night who wore their earrings authoritatively well and a few 1928 pieces that are just so similar…and only at a fraction of the cost!

paula patton grammy awards hollywoodlifeHow They Accessorized at the Grammys
Paula Patton sporting a fresh coat of green via olivine  crystal drop earrings {image source:}

24188How They Accessorized at the Grammys24192How They Accessorized at the Grammys

taylor swift silver eye makeup grammys glamourHow They Accessorized at the Grammys
Taylor Swift wearing a pair of sparkling octagon-shaped drop earrings {image source:

24471How They Accessorized at the Grammys24310How They Accessorized at the Grammys

pink grammy awards hollywoodlifeHow They Accessorized at the Grammys
Pink rocking a pair of diamond crystal linear teardrop earrings {image source:

22752How They Accessorized at the Grammys22751How They Accessorized at the Grammys

katy perry grammy awards hollywoodlifeHow They Accessorized at the Grammys
Katy Perry flaunts a pair of unique amethyst earrings with a fringed metal design {image source:

21638How They Accessorized at the Grammys28444 2How They Accessorized at the Grammys

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We’re Featured in Vintage Life Magazine!

Vintage Life Magazine front cover on racksWere Featured in Vintage Life Magazine!

Part of the fun in being the jewelry manufacturer for the officially licensed Downton Abbey Jewelry is going to different department stores and boutiques or magazine racks, and seeing the pieces displayed in public.

We’re thrilled to see the model on UK’s Vintage Life Magazine sporting a pair of earrings from the Downton Abbey Gilded Age collection! The Edwardian-style filigree drop earrings mimic a kite shape and feature dazzling glass crystals to add charm to any look.

{See their lookbook here, and click on the earrings below to purchase the featured earrings}

IMG 7215Were Featured in Vintage Life Magazine!

17609 1 1Were Featured in Vintage Life Magazine!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether you’re single or taken, any excuse to go somewhere or give and receive presents are a good thing—including Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

V-Day is right around the corner, but it doesn’t need to be reserved just for two lovebirds. If you’re single, take advantage of the holiday and plan a fun picnic or activity with your friends to celebrate your friendship and freedom. If you’re married or have a significant other, do something you normally wouldn’t do together like cooking a new dish or baking with a new dessert recipe.

Wherever you decide to go or whatever you decide to give, we think jewelry makes things a whole lot nicer…check out our Valentine collection with adorable heart shapes that will never go out of season!

22169Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Pink Enamel Crystal Heart Earrings
51580Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Vintage Gold Victorian Charm Necklace



17512Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Downton Abbey® Ruby Jewel Oval Crystal Collar Necklace


17505Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Downton Abbey® Ruby Red Linear Drop Earrings

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What to Wear with Purple

purple colorwheel1What to Wear with Purple

Purple is one of those colors that are hard to style, but in no way does it mean it’s not versatile! Check out the purple color wheel above, which shows you the best colors that go with orchid purple/the color of the 2014.

In this case, we chose the foundational color to come in the form of amethyst jewelry and made the clothes revolve around that instead of the other way around.

If you have an aversion to color, gradually embrace it in small ways and in the end you’ll be glad you did—it will perk up your mood without you even being conscious about it and kick your style up a notch. Since jewelry does a better job at whispering the colors instead of screaming it out, why not start with this beautiful orchid collection?

trendboardWhat to Wear with Purple
Mint green, red, navy


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