What’s Gold & Luxe All Over?

Introducing our gorgeous Goldie Luxe Collection, featuring a few of our favorite pieces below! There’s something about gold that makes everything a bit more rich and luxurious. And when you add a pop of color like red with it, your style goes up a whole new level.


xWhats Gold & Luxe All Over?


1) Bright nail polish + Gold bracelet: When wearing your gold bracelet, lacquer your nails with a pop of red or bright color to add an ounce of refinement and girly charm to your look.

2) Red lips + Gold statement necklace: You can never go wrong with red and gold, an unstoppable duo.

3) Blush + Gold earrings: A lovely touch of blush (not too subtle, not too dramatic) nicely complements your gold button stud earrings.

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May is for Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for May and we very much adore the rich, deluxe jewel tone—but for spring and summer, it can seem a bit harsh especially when there’s the lighter counterpart peridot. However, not to worry because there’s always a solution to every fashion conundrum—of course, it’s what you pair it with that can make all the difference. Offset the warmer jewels with a lighter top and bottom, along with your purse and shoes…and voila, you’re safely in spring/summer mode.

{Outfit: Inspired by the African Safaris

c500x530May is for Emerald

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Add a Bit of Sparkle: We’re All Ears

Since the weather is starting to get a bit hot (at least in SoCal), we’ve been seeing a lot more top knot and low knot buns on the streets lately. We love the refreshing look because it goes ever so perfectly with all the big and small button stud earrings you’ve been wanting to wear, but maybe didn’t know how. Try the look with a pair of your biggest stud earrings + a top knot—and be ready to turn some heads.

c500x573Add a Bit of Sparkle: Were All Ears

This weekend, we’re all ears. Indulge in a little retail therapy with our 30% off sale…on ALL EARRINGS–not just studs. Use code: SPARKLE at checkout. (Hurry, ends Sunday!)

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Your Approach to Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we have the perfect gift ideas to start you off! Whether Mom likes her gifts more practical or prefers all things stylish and pretty no matter what the use, the options are thankfully endless.

practical3Your Approach to Mothers Day Gifts


pretty3Your Approach to Mothers Day Gifts

1) 6x Magnifying Glass Necklace + 2) Cookbook + 3) Recipe-Book Holder

For a mix of stylish and practical, give a combination of matching gifts like a 6x magnifying glass necklace, which zooms pretty nicely; a cookbook she can learn new tricks from; and a recipe stand to make things easier to read.

4) Aqua Statement Necklace & Earrings Set + 5) Floppy Hat + 6) Sunglasses

For a more pretty & stylish gift that delivers a wow factor, give a jewelry set; a wide-brim floppy hat; and sunglasses–to help her go on that long-awaited vacation she never had time for.


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