Teacher’s Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

We’ve all learned from a teacher at some point in our lives whether it was in grade school, college or at work. Teacher’s Appreciation Week doesn’t have to be limited to the institutional instructors that graduated us from our book studies but it can include those who have shaped and inspired us to be a better person not only academically but in any setting—whether its culturally, spiritually or mentally. And sometimes we might have great teachers next to us, it’s just that we might not have been the bestย note-takers—in the literal or mental sense.

c500x400Teachers Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Gift the teachers of your life with a 1928 e-gift card + a candy-filled jar or tin with Almond Joy, Reeses Pieces, Smarties, 100 Grands and a personalized letter using those words “joy,” “pieces,” “smarties,” and you’ll really touch their hearts, inspiring them to be even better teachers than beforeโ˜บโ™ฅโ˜บ!

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