Timeless Fashion: Always & Forever

Fashion trends may come and go, but some things never change! With fashion that never goes out of style,  we can wear it over and over again without being scolded by the fashion police. I’m talking about pieces like an over-the-shoulder Chanel purse that your mom handed down to you, an age-old leather satchel that still looks good, a classic jean jacket, sturdy wear-with-everything Doc Martens, and of course, pearls and beaded jewelry. But what makes a style faddish and others timeless? I found that it usually fits at least 2 out of 4 requirements:

1) sturdiness

2) simplicity

3) versatility

4) vintage-esque look or quality
chanelbag2Timeless Fashion: Always & Forever

leather satchelTimeless Fashion: Always & Forever

jean jacketTimeless Fashion: Always & Forever
doc martensFloral1Timeless Fashion: Always & Forever
And last, but not least—timeless JEWELRY (I saved the best for the last, of course):

Our best-selling vintage pen necklace…

pen necklace51548Timeless Fashion: Always & Forever

This pendant necklace incorporates porcelain rose, pearls and beads…an all-in-one style that makes it absolutely vintage!

42631Timeless Fashion: Always & Forever

What’s your favorite timeless fashion quality and piece?

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