Tips for the Bride: 10 Things to Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding!

Last week we gave you a list of essential items to remember for your wedding day, so this week we are giving you a list of 10 things to AVOID the week before your wedding! Here are some of Brides Magazine’s top picks!

c500x390Tips for the Bride: 10 Things to Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding!

1. Dye Your Hair! While you might want to make a big statement on your wedding day, stick with your normal dye job! You never know how your new color may look with your skin tone or dress!

2. New Hair Cut. Keep the same hair cut at least 3 months before the wedding. This is when you have your wedding hair trials so it is important to keep the same look for the sake of your stylist’s sanity!

3. Excess Caffeine: While it is okay to have a few cups now and then, try not to boost your coffee intake. Coffee is a stimulant and irritant so it may actually add to the stress you are already feeling at this time. Instead drink lots of water and stay hydrated to aid your energy level!

4. Avoid All-Nighters. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep will affect your immune system which could lead to you being sick on your wedding day! Ask your family and friends to help you with your last minute details instead of finishing it all on your own!

5. Chemical Peels. Special facial treatments like facial peels and microdermabrasons can leave your skin looking red and blotchy. Start this process early and try one out 3 months or more before the wedding. If you like the results, try another one a month before the wedding, but no later.

6. Juice Cleanses. While you may want to loose a few pounds before the wedding, stick to a healthy diet. Juice cleanses are full of sugar and will rob you of energy!

7. New workout routine. This is not the time to try new moves! Stick to your regular regimen to avoid sprained ankles or pulled muscles.

8. Stay Tan Booths. While using a spray tan booth to get a glow may be more affordable, try using a professional sprayer to ensure your tan looks more natural.

9. New Skin Care Products: Swapping to a new product could lead to allergic reactions, dryness or oiliness. If you are looking for something new, try out your new skin routine at least 2 weeks before to avoid any unwanted surprises.

10. Drinking. Alcohol carries a ton of extra calories and can leave your eyes and face looking red. Plan that crazy bachelorette for a few weeks before the wedding instead of the night before!


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