Transitional Fashion

California weather is sweetly warm, but sometimes it has its bipolar moments. At night it could be pretty cold (not the east-coast kind, of course) and during the day, it could be 80 to 90 with girls wearing midriffs, shorts and sandals—a full-on summer wardrobe. The beaches here are already starting to crowd up even though spring has not officially started. Yet I still haven’t completely parted with my winter wardrobe. I’m more of in a compromising mode, playing with warm colors and styles that take me gradually to spring and summer like the look below.

What’s your transitional style?

xTransitional Fashion
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Annie says:

@sharon – Hi Sharon! Someone from customer service will respond to your email :)

sharon enter says:

March 22, 2013
I have a 1928 hair clasp that I bought in 1988 or ’89. I paid $38.00 for the hair clasp back then & have worn it a lot through the years. It is approximately 4 inches long & 2 inches wide, has a beautiful fan design filled with stones. About 2 weeks ago the clasp quit working, either bent or worn out. Do you do repairs or know of anyone that does ? Thanks for any help.