Tuesday Must-Have: Bumble Blossom Bib Necklace

Nothing makes a statement quite like how a bib necklace does. Let the March fashion madness begin with this one-of-a-kind bib necklace created by one of our talented designers at 1928! Smoked topaz, orange and peach hues are combined to create a bloom full of florals that a small enameled bumblebee is attracted to. It’s the perfect necklace to make that transition into spring and a clever way to add a speck of orange and peach hues to your morning ensemble (theĀ fashion color of the year).

Have a Fab Tuesday!

45973Tuesday Must Have: Bumble Blossom Bib Necklace

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Annie says:

Hi Monica! If you click on the picture, it will take you to the necklace:) Style #45973 – http://www.1928.com/brown-flower-beaded-bib-necklace.html

Monica says:

Where can I find this? Love it!