Tuesday Must-Haves: All About Madeleines

madeline2 150x150Tuesday Must Haves: All About Madeleines

I don’t know about you, but Madeleines are one of my fav cookies—just thinking about the rich and buttery flavor in my mouth makes me salivate. With all the sweet treats going around today (Happy Valentine’s Day!), I thought I’d dedicate a post to a cookie-inspired design: These lovely Madeleine Breeze Earrings are brass antiqued with single crystals dotting the post. With a magical and alluring quality about them, these unique earrings will add charm to your style any time of the day. Go with the left drop earrings for a more casual look and the right double drop earrings to achieve more of that vintage elegance.

20396 300x270Tuesday Must Haves: All About Madeleines20476 300x300Tuesday Must Haves: All About Madeleines

Have a fab Feb 14th!

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